The best goldwell hair salon in phoenix

The best goldwell hair stylist in phoenix

How Goldwell and Olaplex Make For The Perfect Couple

Inside the Creations by Gina hair salon in Phoenix, you’ll discover a unique blend of style, color and a feel for the lux life. Whether you're a hairstylist or a trend setting fashionista, we all know that innovation is key in the evolution of fashion, and hair.

Olaplex is a new trend in the  hair color transformation and hair color correction product line that has transcended all its previous predecessors. Gina has worked really hard to integrate Olaplex into the Goldwell hair color process to be able  create the most beautiful shimmery highlights without any worry of damaging your hair. 

Since the introduction of Olaplex into her hair coloring process, Gina has perfected the pairing and has gone on to create some of the most beautiful and flawless cut & color transformations. There’s no doubt that Gina is well deserving of the title of Master Colorist, as she is quite the perfectionist when is comes to her color technique.

So, what is Olaplex? Olaplex is a hair product that will repair self-imposed and inexperienced hair stylist damaged hair. The Olaplex treatment strengthens and rebuilds your hair to make it tough enough to handle lighter hair colors and frequent visits to the salon. It's Gina's goal to establish a healthy hair foundation that will allow her clients to adapt to ongoing color trends.

At the Creations by Gina Hair Salon, we use the Goldwell hair color-line because it truly is best in class. If you’ve never experienced Goldwell hair color, then get ready to have your mind blown!

The use of the Goldwell color line allows the colors to blend and separate with ease. For example, coloring gray hair is no longer just another routine visit to the salon, but an opportunity to experience various shades of colors that will highlight you and not your age.  


signature cuts & color

Let's Talk Ombre


The Ombre hair style is a French hair style and not an actual hair-color. It's simply a way to color block your hair that gives it a more dramatic effect.

The colors are vivid and pretty to look at. This style of color is still going strong even after the initial wave of Ombre requests. If you’re tired of your same old look, then call Gina and book your next hair-color transformation. 

It's time to step-up your hair game!

Olaplex...The Hottest Hair Care Product


The best hair is healthy hair. In today’s fashion, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of fashion shades, DIY hair coloring, and overly textured hair.

Just like everything else in life, it’s all about balance.  It’s about how well does your hairstylist understand the importance of balance and treating hair with the same level of respect as you would the rest of your body. 

There are more ways to get that natural looking shine and glow for your hair than to saturate your hair with chemicals day after day. It’s about making wise choices with the style, cut, color and product.

I’m not one to product drop but I got to say that I believe in and trust Olaplex hair treatment as my go-to hair repair and strengthening product. There’s no other product on the market like it. 



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